What do you see when you're listening?

Project launch with Mozart's piano concerto in B flat major K595.

What do you see when you’re listening?

did you know that in our imagination, Mozart’s Piano Concerto in B flat major (K595) can be closely associated with Jackson Pollock, Alpine flowers, unicorns or Charlie Chaplin? The answers to the question “What do you see when you’re listening?” – asked in a series of interviews introducing the project Spot On MozART – could hardly have been more diverse.

The first media art works – the result of two student camps in Altaussee and intensive preparation at the University Mozarteum Salzburg in co-operation with other universities and institutes – demonstrate a completely new way of experiencing Mozart’s music by means of contemporary visual interpretation.

In their visual spectrum, the works scanning dimensions, Mozart contained!, At night and #beautiful open up spheres ranging from film noir to integrative art installations in public space. The starting-point for each visual creation was a work by Mozart. A social-media project, further film productions and a co-operation with the Vienna University of Applied Arts and its Fulldome / VR & AR Lab are currently in progress.

Covid has unfortunately compelled us to postpone our sneak preview with an exhibition of the initial works until summer 2021. As a result, we are delighted to be able to offer a small insight into first works, accessible via the new website. Even if it cannot replace the analogue experience of live performances and exhibition, we hope you will enjoy a voyage of discovery, and we will be interested to see whether it will perhaps elicit suggestions for new projects.

If you would like to register now for the sneak preview, please send us an e-mail at SpotOnMozArt@moz.ac.at.


Stay safe and healthy –

Your Spot On MozART team