Unbounded fields

A project by Sophie Thammer.

Unbounded fields

Symphony in A major , KV 201
A project by Sophie Thammer

Idea and concept: Sophie Thammer
Direction and production: Sophie Thammer
Music analysis, musical concept and music direction: Sihua Ren
Motion design and animation design: João Levenzinho

Project supervision: Claudia Lehmann and Konrad Hempel
Spot On MozART Project Supervision: Thomas Ballhausen


Unbounded field deals with the transformation process of Mozart’s Symphony in A major (KV 201) into a gradually emerging abstract painting, realised in the form of an animated film. Moving graphic objects/traces are synaesthetically assigned to the parameters in the music in correspondence with agricultural processes and the resulting structuring and geometrisation of nature. Referring to the unstable character of music, that e.g. tones, motifs can always be rearranged in relation to the temporal dimension, the new, graphic “score” should also be able to reinvent, overlap and destroy itself again and again.