At night

A film by Claudia Lehmann and Konrad Hempel.

At night

Piano Fantasia in D minor, K397
A film by: Claudia Lehmann Konrad Hempel
Musical interpretation: Daniel Regenberg

Concept & implementation: Institut for Experimental Affairs
In collaboration with Thomas Ballhausen
Direction and production assistant: Henrike Wiemann
Image design: Eike Zuleeg
Sound design: Andreas Mohnke
Production design: Stephanie Därr
Costumes: Anna Lechner
Make-up: Dorothea Eisel
Set / props: Tobias Esche
Lighting: Rasmus Bjerregaard

Jenny Schily
Daniel Regenberg
Oskar Lehmann
Josefine Hempel
Carl Hegemann
Alexander Lode
Christian Rau
Thelma Buabeng


Night makes us see our very existence differently. At night, we approach the dark side of our existence, delicately and secretly; at the same time, night frees us from all constraints, admitting imagination into our life. The starting-point for the film Nachts is Mozart’s Fantasia in D minor – possibly his most frequently played piano work, at least amongst young students. The piece lends inspiration for this narrative film in which clues of the composer’s biography and musical elements of the composition are weaved into a woman’s (played by Jenny Schily) nocturnal journey through a city. She has to go somewhere, wants to go somewhere. But where does she arrive? Torn between her longings and encounters, between genius and fear of failure, between  freedom and constraints, she finally finds herself. In reality, everything is different – or exactly the same.