The colors of Salzburg

A project by Alrun Pacher.

The colors of Salzburg

Phantasia in C minor, KV 475
A project by: Alrun Pacher
Musical interpretation: Tzu-Yu Yang (fortepiano)

Concept & direction: Alrun Pacher
Assistance: Andreas Neubacher and Anna Hemetsberger
Artistic contributions: Class “Sound and Color”, State Music School Bad Ischl (Upper Austrian State Music School)
Sound recording: Digital Media Department / Sascha Tekale
Sound design: Erik Stocker
Video montage: Andreas Steger
Scientific supervision: Michaela Schwarzbauer


Establishing a similarity relationship between the harmony sequences in W. A. Mozart’s C minor Phantasia (KV 475) and the color chords of Salzburg is the starting point and program of the artistic-scientific cooperation project, the selected students of the Mozarteum University Salzburg and young people as well as adults in the “Sound and Color” class of the Bad Ischl State Music School.

Based on the thesis that the formation of analogies in the visualization of the impressions evoked by the encounter with Mozart’s music can deepen and refine perception, a short film on Mozart’s Phantasia will be created.

The basis is artistically processed photos of the students, who received additional inspiration from Georg Trakl’s color-poetic view of Salzburg and Marina Abramović’s transcendent homage to Mozart with reference to heaven.