Mozart-realtime Quintett

An interactive fulldome installation.

Mozart-realtime Quintett

Mozart’s Clarinet Quintet, KV 581
A production of the Fulldome / VR&AR Lab, Department of Digital Arts (Director: Ruth Schnell), University of Applied Arts Vienna in collaboration with the University Mozarteum Salzburg.
Musical realisation: students of the University Mozarteum Salzburg

Visualisation: Marian Essl and Martin Kusch
Programming: Johannes Hucek
Sound recording: Sascha Tekale


The Mozart-realtime Quintet offers an audiovisual experience in which the music of W. A. Mozart is realised as a synaesthetic, interactive visualisation by means of computer-generated real-time graphics.
Mozart’s Clarinet Quintet (KV 581) was realised as an interactive fulldome environment with the aim of providing visitors with an active, playful and at the same time creative approach to Mozart’s work. With the help of a touch interface, visitors can intervene in the audiovisual composition and change it.

Copyright: Christian Schneider / University Mozarteum Salzburg