Lost in dimensions

A film by Róza Radnóti.

Lost in dimensions

Piano Sonata in C-major, K 545
  • A film by: Róza Radnóti
  • Musical interpretation: Róza Radnóti
  • Production
    Directed: Róza Radnóti
  • Choreography: Rita Góbi
  • In collaboration with: Thomas Ballhausen

There are several examples when a piece of music is used very well as a soundtrack. However, there are much less examples when a musical piece works as the basis of a film; when the musical content and dramaturgy determines the visual actions.

The film of pianist Róza Radnóti makes an attempt to find visually expressible happenings in the music and aims to bring an intense and complex experience to the audience by finding an abstract, not storytelling visual interpretation to the second movement of the Piano Sonata in C-major (K 545) by Mozart.

The visual choreography might help the audience to ‘see’ the music that makes them dive into their inner universe, their inner dimensions. The whole video can be a diversely understandable metaphor that each individual viewer can interpret according to their own life experience and personality.