Mozart contained!

A project in four containers, by Anna-Sophie Ofner.

Mozart contained!

String quartet in C major K465 – "Dissonance" quartet
  • A project in four containers, by: Anna-Sophie Ofner

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  • Musical interpretation: Hagen Quartett
  • Production
    Idea & Concept: Anna-Sophie Ofner Hanna Schmaderer
  • Implementation: Anna-Sophie Ofner
  • Support technical implementation: University of Applied Sciences Salzburg, RSA FG

Mozart Contained! is an interactive musical experience in four containers, the first of which is already completed. When the visitor enters through a light-barrier, four light sculptures are activated, representing the four voices of Mozart’s “Dissonance” quartet K465, recorded by the Hagen Quartet. When someone approaches a sculpture, an audio track is activated, playing one of the voices of the quartet. If two people stand between one sculpture each, all four voices can be heard. Movement within the space influences volume and tempo.

"With Mozart Contained! we want to take Mozart out of the concert halls and opera houses – not in the shape of a tastefully wrapped golden ball, but in form of containers. We want to create a space in which Mozart can be experienced and perceived in a completely new way." (Anna-Sophie Ofner)